Portable Ashtray

  • Beach Ashtray
  • Beach Ashtray
Beach AshtrayBeach Ashtray

Beach Ashtray

  • Item No. A003
  • Size:φ60x80mm
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Custom: 5000 PCS
  • Product description: We produce Beach Ashtray for seveal years, this tapered shape ashtray can use at beach, cheap price is good premiums gift. Custom color and logo please contact us.


Beach Ashtray

Many client want to Custom Beach Ashtray, it is good idea, we can help you to do this thing. 100% custom by your requirement, whatever color and print, we will made by your design. the portable ashtray can easy to carry when you are out, it can put Soot and butts inner. it use  plastic for making, good quality and low price. print your brands on surface, it can become a promotional gift for your clients. many Cigarette companies will use it for enchance their brand. custom color as request.




Contact: Sam

Phone: (86)13857433012

Tel: (86)574-88630734

Email: sales@nbvictory.com

Add: Ouchi industrials zone,Haishu district, Ningbo,China

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