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  • Custom Mouse Mats
  • Custom Mouse Mats
Custom Mouse MatsCustom Mouse MatsCustom Mouse Mats

Custom Mouse Mats

  • Item No. M001
  • Size:230x180mm
  • Materials: EVA
  • Custom: 5000 PCS
  • Product description: Our company can Custom Mouse Mats, different colour and size, printing different logo according to client requirement. any custom please contact us to get a free quote!


Custom Mouse Mats

Our company is a promotional gift manufacturer, different promotional gifts are low price and low MOQ, Custom different color and logo, they can let you spend less cost and enchance brand value. promotional gift include compact mirror, makeup brushes, beauty blender etc. the mouse mats are good promtional gift, you can custom different color, size according to artwork. colorful print is very clear. price is affordable, logo print position is large. custom mouse pad is good choice.


The mouse mats are customize  by EVA materials, Ergonomic design to relieve wrist fatigue, Soft and elastic。

The mouse mats surface can do different print according to artwork, Rich colors, bright colors. print position is large.



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