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  • Wholesale Makeup Brushes Private Label
  • Wholesale Makeup Brushes Private Label
  • Wholesale Makeup Brushes Private Label
Wholesale Makeup Brushes Private LabelWholesale Makeup Brushes Private LabelWholesale Makeup Brushes Private Label

Wholesale Makeup Brushes Private Label

  • Item:MS011
  • Size:242x55x16mm
  • In stock: Yes
  • Custom MOQ: 1000 Sets
  • Product description: We are Vegan Makeup Brush Manufacturers, synthetic bristle is good vegan materials, eco-friendly.4-in-1 small brush set is easy to use and put into pocket


Wholesale Makeup Brushes Private Label

Our company wholesales makeup brushes with private label for 10 years experience.We can produce any makeup brush according to clients request. 100% handmade, eco-friendly products. strictly control quality, 1 years quality guarantee. the double ended makeup brushes set is full makeup brush set, include face brush and eye brushes, rich & soft synthetic hair, gold ferrule, smooth wood. low price and high quality.



Length 242mm/ 9.52"
Bristle Synthetic hair
Width 55mm/2.16" Handle Wood handle
Height 16mm/0.63" Ferrule Alumium
Printing area handle / ferrule Cutom MOQ 1000 Sets

Why do business owner custom makeup brushes?

1. Let your makeup brushes become unique,No competitors.

Because custom makeup brush is according to client design, you don't meet same product on your market, private label brushes will become unique, different with other. custom different color handle and bristle, vegan bristle welcome by oversea clients.

2.Earn more profit

Makeup brush compeletly customize by your design, You will run this product exclusively,No competitors in the market,So your pricing will probably be higher,if your brushes is made by our manufacturer,you will have lower cost, more and more profit will come.

3.Enrich brand value

Many custom makeup brush client will print own logo on brush surface or package, Many consumers will know their brand, Some even became fans of their brand,The value of the brand allows them to make more profits. custom packing has different choice, if your budget is low, please use in bulk, high budget can choose color box, pouch etc.

Synthetic Hair Advantages:
• Versatile in functions & colors

• Budget-friendly & long-lasting

• Ideal for customers with natural hair allergies

• No smell

Perfect for:
• All types of makeup brush, especially those used with cream or liquid products

Natural hair Advantages:

Include goat, pony,squirrel, badge ect

• Soft, resilient and durable

• Good color payoff, ideal for blending

Perfect for:
• Blusher brush, powder brush & other blending brushes

Bamboo & Wooden Handle
Our bamboo wood cutting, forming, polishing and lacquering workshop means that we can make handles of various shapes and designs according to your needs.

Plastic Handle
With our own injection molding machine and mold design capabilities, we can assist customers in customizing various styles, colors and sizes of plastic handles.

Brush Ferrules

For the customization of the ferrule, the possibilities are endless. From color to finish, you can choose anything you like based on the design and function of the brush.
Corrosion-resistant plastic gaskets, anodized aluminum or nickel-plated copper gaskets.
Almost all Pantone colors are available.
Smooth & matte



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