Compact Mirror

  • Compact Mirror Manufacturer
Compact Mirror Manufacturer

Compact Mirror Manufacturer

  • Product Item:NB001s
  • MOQ:2000PCS
  • Size: 68x13mm
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Product description: Compact Mirror Manufacturer is the best one of vendors, our this styles is round double side mirror, surface is plated silver, high grade metal glossy.


Compact Mirror Manufacturer

Our company is the best one of Compact Mirror Manufacturers for 10 years and have above 100 skilled workers work on our factory. they have rich experience and control each product quality. all products is inspected by our QC, they use the strict standard to check every compact mirror, and guarantee customization pattern is correct.


As a manufacturer, let me tell you Why choose Us?

1. We understand clients's pain points

we have 10 years export experience, undertand client buy our customization compact mirror pain points.

2.Better price

Our goal is to make customers ern more money,so we will give up patrt of profit.

3.Good service

If there are any quality problems, we are responsible to repair or refund.

4.On-time delivery

We guarantee Compact Mirrors In Bulk will be deliveried on time, it won't delay for extra order.

plastic compact mirror

Mirror Plastic Case Advantages:
• We use brand new plastic raw materials, not recycled plastic

• Products are more environmentally friendly and harmless

• Product does not smell

• Pay attention to the smooth surface of the product to avoid scratching

• Do any pantone color

• Case has difference surface, such as spray paint, plating, UV etc

metal compact mirror

Mirror Metal frame Advantages:

• Very Light & Very Thin, about 2-4mm

• Do All Pantone Colors, Many Size For Choose

Custom glass Mirrors

V.T Cosmetic provide mirrors include plastic mirror & glass mirror, custom difference mirror according to customer request.

Glass and PE plastic, Glass mirror is easy to shatter, but High definition

Custom Logo

Want to show the private label on your custom compact mirror? At VT Cosmetic, we make your mirror as a stronge promotional gift by helping you to print your logo with proper methods.
Printing Methods
Silk printing, pad printing, hot transfer printing, hot stamp gold, hot stamp silver, engrave laser, dropping glue
Printing Position
Frame surface or glass mirror
Design & Color
Any color design

Packing: custom different packing is accepted, you can choose cheap in bulk packing, or paper box and velvet pouch etc for every pocket mirror.

Trusted by our customers



Contact: Sam

Phone: (86)13857433012

Tel: (86)574-88630734


Add: Ouchi industrials zone,Haishu district, Ningbo,China

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